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Lone Star is Your ONE Solution for Blower Systems

  • Integrally Geared Single Stage Turbo Blower
    More than 10 frame sizes to choose from. Well known for high efficiency and reliability, this technology has been a standard across many industries.

    • • 50-6,000 hp, 2-35 PSI, 500-70,000+ SCFM

      • Great flow range from 100% to 40% of design flow

      • Variable inlet and discharge guide vanes to adjust flow

      • Sleeve bearings for nearly unlimited life

      • API standards 617, 672 and 614
  • Gearless Single Stage Turbo Blower
    We offer the widest range of gearless turbo blowers on the market and with over 3,000 installations we are the industry leader of this revolutionary high efficient technology.

    • 20-1000 hp, 2-18 PSI, 250-30,000 SCFM

    • Air bearing design — no oil or lubrication required

    • PMSM high efficient motor with integrated variable frequency drive and controller

    • Small footprint and quiet

    • Complete Package — Just add power

  • Multistage Centrifugal Turbo Blower
    • • Simple, rugged and reliable, multistage blowers serve a variety pressure and vacuum applications.

      • Highly flexible design to meet your exact performance requirements.

      • 30-3,000 hp, 2-25 PSI, 300-45,000 SCFM

      • Direct Coupled Motor — no gears or belts

      - Low speed < 60 HZ
      - Self lubricated roller bearing
      - Low maintenance
      - Quiet operation < 85 dba
  • Blower Control Systems
    Blower and Process control are key to any system to make it as reliable and efficient as possible.

    Local Control Panel — protects and operates the blower safely

    Sequencer Panel — controls multiple blowers on a common header

    Process Control — regulates flow at point of use based on variable input.

    Motor Control — variable frequency drive / soft starter / disconnect
  • Packaged Systems
    Lone Star specializes in engineering, manufacturing and testing of standard and custom blower systems for any pressure, vacuum, air or gas applications.

    Turn Key Solutions — petrochemical, oil and gas, landfill, biogas gas, flare systems, pneumatic conveying, wastewater treatment, and more.

  • Because Customer Service Matters!
    Lone Star is your ONE source for centrifugal and positive displacement blower aftermarket needs — we are on call 24/7 and service most major brands.

    - Modern facility
    - Blower repair and overhauls
    - Performance and mechanical testing
    - Vibration analysis and balancing
    - Re-rating
    - Parts
    - Replacement blowers
    - Blower control systems
    - Service commitment and warranty

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Lone Star is the premier manufacturer of Geared, Gearless, and Multistage Turbo blowers and Control Systems located in Houston, Texas USA. Our experience combined with reliable and efficient technologies can make a difference on your next project.

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