Air or Gas, in Pressure and Vacuum Applications

Multistage Blower Rental Fleet
Single Stage Blower Rental Fleet

For immediate shipment or custom made to order.

Pressure Range 30 to 300 PSI

We also have Engineered Systems Designed to Order

Lone Star Rental has hundreds of compressors and blowers complete with motor starters, variable frequency drives, PLC controls for network integration and remote monitoring to get you what you need when you need it. Our Industrial Blower Rentals, Parts, and Repair Service is Designed to Help You Rapidly Replace a Down Blower!

All products are completely oil free compression.

Successful Rentals

“These rentals are performing better than the permanent ones!”

Lone Star Rental New Mexico
Lone Star Rental New Mexico
Lone Star Rental New Mexico
Lone Star Rental New Mexico
Lone Star Rental New Mexico

Engineered Systems

Designed to Order

Lone Star Rental Engineered Systems Designed to Order

Including generators, tanks, coolers, dryers etc. required to deliver a complete working system. 

Single Source Solution for Turn-Key Systems


Accessories & Support

Lone Star will furnish all piping, and support pieces to make a seamless installation

Lone-Star-Rental-Engineered-Systems-Designed-to-Order- Accessories and Support
Lone-Star-Rental-Engineered-Systems-Designed-to-Order- Accessories and Support


Many inquiries we receive are due to unplanned outages where a there is a need to ship immediately from our large for 24/7 emergency response. Some rentals are planned outages where the main units are taken offline or repaired and there needs to be a temporary system in place or a redundant system as back up.  Other times there may be a need for temporary blowers to test or boost production for a trial period before the decision is made to buy equipment.

Lone Star Blower can build-to-suit to your specific process performance for a rental blower in a matter of days or ship immediately from our extensive inventory, assisting businesses and municipalities replace a down blower or compressor.

Process air or gas systems have specific flow and pressure requirements.

Our applications engineers will make sure your process performance is met. From 1 to 30 PSI (15inHG Vacuum) delta pressure and 500 to 200,000 cfm air or gas, pressure or vacuum; we have a solution either emergency response or long term temporary applications.

Rent-to-own options, as well as brand new replacement blowers are available.

Blower Packages can include a simple bare blower or complete integrated system to include electric motor, motor starter, PLC control with monitoring and network connections, and other accessory items all packaged to simply connect power and connect piping and its fully automated.

We can also build a rental to a specific process gas with the correct materials and protection. Area classifications to Class 1, Div 1 or Zone 0 or ATEX are available.


  • Capital Avoidance- Equipment is needed now but there is no budget for a capital expenditure
  • Upgrade Project- Unscheduled downtime is not an option. Equipment is needed uninterrupted while aging machines are removed or replaced
  • Short Term Projects- Unplanned or scheduled maintenance is performed, but equipment is needed during service


Air Blower Rental Package

20,000 cfm at 13 psig. 1000 hp 4160/2300 volt blower with soft start and automated Alan Bradley PLC control of modulated inlet valve to regulate flow to user set points. All temperature, vibration monitoring of blower and motor. Inlet filter, check valve expansion joints. Add power and connect piping and you are back up and running.

Natural Gas or Methane or Landfill Gas Skids

500 hp 9,000 cfm at 15 psi delta pressure. Rated to Class 1, Division 2 environments complete with instrumentation and matching 500 hp variable frequency with active controller with network connections.

Small Natural Gas or Methane or Landfill Gas Skids

50 hp at 15 psig Package 1500 cfm. Simple package with weighted relief valve.

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Air Compressor Rental
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Centrifugal Air Compressor Rental
Centrifugal Blower Rental
Rent a Gas Compressor
Gas Compressor Rental
Rent an Aeration blower
Aeration blower Rental
Rent a Wastewater Treatment Blower?
Wastewater Treatment Blower Rental
Rent a Landfill Gas Blower?
Landfill Gas Blower Rental
Rent a Aeration Blower?
Aeration Blower Rental
Rent a Bio Gas Blower?
Rent a Biogas Blower
Bio Gas Blower Rental
Biogas Blower Rental
Rent a Digester Gas Blower?
Digester Gas Blower Rental
Rent a Vacuum Exhauster?
Vacuum Exhauster Rental
Rent a Vacuum Blower?
Vacuum Blower Rental
Rent a Sulphur Recovery Blower?
Sulphur Recovery Blower Rental
Rent a Sour Gas Blower?
Sour Gas Blower Rental
Rent a Floatation Cell Blower?
Floatation Cell Blower Rental
Rent a Nitrogen Blower?
Nitrogen Blower Rental
Rent a H2S Gas Blower?
H2S Gas Blower Rental
Rent a Methane Blower?
Methane Blower Rental
Rent a Leaching Blower?
Leaching Blower Rental
Rent a Remediation Blower?
Remediation Blower Rental
Rent a Oxidation Blower?
Oxidation Blower Rental
Rent a Flare Blower?
Flare Blower Rental
Rent a Food Grade Blower?
Food Grade Blower Rental
Rent a Lamson Blower?
Lamson Blower Rental
Rent a Ingersoll Rand Compressor
Ingersoll Rand Compressor Rental
Rent a Cameron Compressor
Cameron Compressor Rental
Rent a Joy Compressor
Joy Compressor Rental
Rent a MSG Compressor
MSG Compressor Rental
Rent a FS Elliott Compressor
FS Elliott Compressor Rental
Rent a Atlas Copco Compressor
Atlas Copco Compressor Rental
Rent a Sullair Compressor
Sullair Compressor Rental
Rent a Hanwha Compressor
Hanwha Compressor Rental
Rent a Samsung Compressor
Samsung Compressor Rental
Rent a Hoffman Blower?
Hoffman Blower Rental
Rent Turblex Blower?
Turblex Blower Rental
Rent a Gardner Denver Blower?
Gardner Denver Blower Rental
Rent a HSi Blower?
HSi Blower Rental
Rent a Siemens Blower?
Siemens Blower Rental
Rent a National Turbine Blower?
National Turbine Blower Rental
Rent a HV-Turbo Blower?
HV-Turbo Blower Rental
Rent a Spencer Blower?
Spencer Blower Rental
Rent a Atlas Copco Blower?
Atlas Copco Blower Rental
Rent a Lamson Blower?
Lamson Blower Rental
Rent a Howden Blower?
Howden Blower Rental
Rent a Roots Blower?
Roots Blower Rental
Rent a Continental Blower?
Continental Blower Rental
Rent a Hibon Blower?
Hibon Blower Rental
Rent a Spencer Blower?
Spencer Blower Rental
Rent a National Turbine Blower?
National Turbine Blower Rental

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