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Centrifugal Compressor

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Lone Star manufactures the blowers and compressors
you want, but takes care of the units you have!
We are not your typical repair center!

Emergency Centrifugal Blower & Compressor Service

Lone Star Customer FocusPart of Lone Star being ‘Your ONE Solution for Blower and Compressor Systems’ is not just providing excellent service of our own product lines, but also fully supporting other brands of blowers and compressors. Lone Star’s manufactured aftermarket parts and engineering expertise allow us to provide any service our customers need. All overhauls are full load tested at maximum power and pressure and come with same as new warranty.  

Our staff, with more than 5,000 installations over 20 years, has experience to not just repair a blower or compressor but to look deeper into the root cause and offer a sustainable solution. We look at the complete system including performance requirements, controls integration, and the site environment to bring real application engineering as a value-added service to our customers.

Try Lone Star as your alternative to the original equipment manufacturer!


Worldwide Repair
Performance Testing ASME PTC13, PTC10, ISO 5389, API
Emergency Response Team
Test Stand to 6000 hp / 4,500 kw – 13.8kv to 380v / 60-50hz
40 Ton Cranes
Hydro Pressure and Leak Testing
Overspeed Testing
Positive Material Identification – XRF or OES
Reverse Engineering – Laser Scan
Dynamic Balancing
ASME Section 9 Welding
Sand Blasting and Painting
Specialized Baked-on Coatings
Vibration Analysis
Lubricant Analysis
Rotor Dynamics
Change Performance
Aerodynamic Analysis
Torsional Analysis
Bearing Analysis
Operator and Maintenance Training
3D Modelling & Design
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Finite Element Analysis
Magnetic Particle
Sound Testing
Root Cause Analysis
Liquid Penetrant
Full Load Test Facility
Hydrostatic Testing
Overspeed Testing
Performance Test ASME, API, ISO
Positive Material Identification
Sandblast and Paint
Door-to-Door Service
RS Logix, Siemens, Modicon, Other Interface Software
Predictive Maintenance
System Audits
Preventative Maintenance
On-Site Repair
Troubleshoot & Root Cause Analysis
Control System Services
Software Upgrades
Vibration & Power Analysis
Laser Alignment
Start-up & Installation

Rental Blowers
Rental Compressors
Rental Dryers
Lone Star Parts
Star Lube – Lubricants
Lone Star Control Systems
Lone Star New Blowers
Lone Star New Compressors
Remanufactured Replacements

Lone Star specializes in dynamic compression of geared, gearless and multistage centrifugal blowers and compressors from   Hoffman, Lamson, Gardner Denver, Atlas Copco, HSi, Turblex, Howden, Siemens, Roots, Continental, Hibon, Spencer, National Turbine, Ingersoll Rand, FS Elliott, Atlas Copco, Sullair (IHI), and Hanwha Samsung and other brands*. 

Are you looking to Service a Blower, or Service a Compressor?
Well, you’ve come to the right Place!
Lone Star Blower and Compressor can do that and more!

Service an Air Compressor
Service Centrifugal Air Compressor
Service a Gas Compressor
Service an Aeration blower
Service a Wastewater Treatment Blower?
Service a Landfill Gas Blower?
Service a Aeration Blower?
Service a Bio Gas Blower?
Service a Digester Gas Blower?
Service a Vacuum Exhauster?
Service a Vacuum Blower?
Service a Sulphur Recovery Blower?
Service a Sour Gas Blower?
Service a Floatation Cell Blower?
Service a Nitrogen Blower?
Service a H2S Gas Blower?
Service a Methane Blower?
Service a Leaching Blower?
Service a Remediation Blower?
Service a Oxidation Blower?
Service a Flare Blower?
Service a Food Grade Blower?
Service an Ingersoll Rand Compressor
Service a Cameron Compressor
Service a Joy Compressor
Service a MSG Compressor
Service an FS Elliott Compressor
Service an Atlas Copco Compressor
Service a Sullair Compressor
Service a Hanwha Compressor
Service a Samsung Compressor
Service a Hoffman Blower?
Service a Turblex Blower?
Service a Gardner Denver Blower?
Service a HSi Blower?
Service a Siemens Blower?
Service a National Turbine Blower?
Service a HV-Turbo Blower?
Service a Spencer Blower?
Service a Atlas Copco Blower?
Service a Lamson Blower?
Service a Howden Blower?
Service a Roots Blower?
Service a Continental Blower?
Service a Hibon Blower?
Service a Spencer Blower?
Service a National Turbine Blower?

Are you looking to Repair a Blower, or Repair a Compressor?
Well, you’ve come to the right Place!
Lone Star Blower and Compressor can do that and more!

Repair a Air Compressor
Repair a Centrifugal Air Compressor
Repair a Gas Compressor
Repair an Aeration blower
Repair a Wastewater Treatment Blower?
Repair a Landfill Gas Blower?
Repair a Aeration Blower?
Repair a Bio Gas Blower?
Repair a Digester Gas Blower?
Repair a Vacuum Exhauster?
Repair a Vacuum Blower?
Repair a Sulphur Recovery Blower?
Repair a Sour Gas Blower?
Repair a Floatation Cell Blower?
Repair a Nitrogen Blower?
Repair a H2S Gas Blower?
Repair a Methane Blower?
Repair a Leaching Blower?
Repair a Remediation Blower?
Repair a Oxidation Blower?
Repair a Flare Blower?
Repair a Food Grade Blower?
Repair a Lamson Blower?
Repair an Ingersoll Rand Compressor
Repair a Cameron Compressor
Repair a Joy Compressor
Repair a MSG Compressor
Repair an FS Elliott Compressor
Repair an Atlas Copco Compressor
Repair a Sullair Compressor
Repair a Hanwha Compressor
Repair a Samsung Compressor
Repair a Hoffman Blower?
Repair a Turblex Blower?
Repair a Gardner Denver Blower?
Repair a HSi Blower?
Repair a Siemens Blower?
Repair a National Turbine Blower?
Repair a HV-Turbo Blower?
Repair a Spencer Blower?
Repair a Atlas Copco Blower?
Repair a Lamson Blower?
Repair a Howden Blower?
Repair a Roots Blower?
Repair a Continental Blower?
Repair a Hibon Blower?
Repair a Spencer Blower?
Repair a National Turbine Blower?

Are you looking to Parts for a Blower, or Parts for Compressor?
Well, you’ve come to the right Place!
Lone Star Blower and Compressor can do that and more!

Parts for a Air Compressor
Parts for a Centrifugal Air Compressor
Parts for a Gas Compressor
Parts for an Aeration blower
Parts for a Wastewater Treatment Blower?
Parts for a Landfill Gas Blower?
Parts for a Aeration Blower?
Parts for a Bio Gas Blower?
Parts for a Digester Gas Blower?
Parts for a Vacuum Exhauster?
Parts for a Vacuum Blower?
Parts for a Sulphur Recovery Blower?
Parts for a Sour Gas Blower?
Parts for a Floatation Cell Blower?
Parts for a Nitrogen Blower?
Parts for a H2S Gas Blower?
Parts for a Methane Blower?
Parts for a Leaching Blower?
Parts for a Remediation Blower?
Parts for a Oxidation Blower?
Parts for a Flare Blower?
Parts for a Food Grade Blower?
Parts for a Lamson Blower?
Parts for an Ingersoll Rand Compressor
Parts for a Cameron Compressor
Parts for a Joy Compressor
Parts for a MSG Compressor
Parts for an FS Elliott Compressor
Parts for an Atlas Copco Compressor
Parts for a Sullair Compressor
Parts for a Hanwha Compressor
Parts for a Samsung Compressor
Parts for a Hoffman Blower?
Parts for a Turblex Blower?
Parts for a Gardner Denver Blower?
Parts for a HSi Blower?
Parts for a Siemens Blower?
Parts for a National Turbine Blower?
Parts for a HV-Turbo Blower?
Parts for a Spencer Blower?
Parts for a Atlas Copco Blower?
Parts for a Lamson Blower?
Parts for a Howden Blower?
Parts for a Roots Blower?
Parts for a Continental Blower?
Parts for a Hibon Blower?
Parts for a Spencer Blower?
Parts for a National Turbine Blower?

Services, Part, & Repairs in the Americas & Beyond:

Lone Star Blower’s Factory Headquarters is in Houston, Texas and is equipped to provide single stage and multistage turbo blower, and compressor service, parts, repair, and rebuild services throughout North America and South America.

Click on your State, Providence, or Territory below to learn how we can assist you!

Air, Gas, Pressure
Power: 200 hp – 13,000 hp
140 kW – 10,000 kW
Flow: 1,250 cfm – 350,000 SCFM
2,100 m3/h – 600,000 m3/hr
Pressure: 30 – 1,100 PSI
2 bar – 80 bar
API 614/617/672

Air, Gas, Pressure, Vacuum
Power: 100 – 6,000 HP
75 – 4,500 kW
Flow: 1,000 – 88,000 SCFM
1,700 – 150,000 nm3/h
Pressure: 2 – 35 PSI
0.1 – 2.4 bar
API 617/672

Air, Gas, Pressure, Vacuum
Power: 20 – 3,500 HP
15 – 2,500 kW
Flow: 300 to 45,000 SCFM
500 to 75,000 nm3/h
Pressure: 2 – 25 PSI
0.1 – 1.7 bar

Air, Pressure
Power: 20 – 500 HP
15 – 375 kW
Flow: 150 – 15,000 SCFM
250 – 25,000 nm3/h
Pressure: 2 – 20 PSI
0.1 – 1.4 bar

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sLOC™ Local Control Panels for Blowers and Compressors
sMAC™ Process and Sequencing
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