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Starlube® Synthetic Lubricants

Starlube® Synthetic Lubricants are specifically designed to ensure maximum reliability and superior performance for geared and multistage turbo technologies.

Proper maintenance coupled with using prescribed lubricants is crucial to protecting your investment and the long term reliability of your equipment. As a blower manufacturer, we can recommend the proper lubricants to use in any application or environment.

Geared Turbo Synthetic Oil

SO‑INFINITY   Offers up to 90,000 hours of maximum protection. A true Group V PAG synthetic oil, there is nothing better to last longer, run cooler, and protect against any possible varnishing.
SO‑32   A Group III synthetic oil offering protection twice as long any as petroleum base lubricants and can upgrade your current installation.

Multistage Turbo Synthetic Oil and Grease

SO‑46   A Group III synthetic oil for standard applications with superior rust and anti-oxidation properties combined with a great emulsifier of any condensation.
SO‑150   Similar to SO-46, but for higher temperature applications.
SG‑100   Synthetic grease offers extreme anti-corrosion and anti-oxidant characteristics to enhance its performance at higher speeds, heavy loads and at high temperatures.
Choose our FO-100 oil and FG-100 grease for applications with food grade requirements.

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