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Our representatives are located in nearly every country and continent

Lone Star Blower, Inc. is a manufacturer, packager, and service company for blower and blower control systems with representatives located throughout the world as part of the GL-TURBO network of companies.  

Founded by experienced professionals from the blower industry, our goal is to provide the most knowledgeable and responsive resource for our customers in providing efficient and reliable solutions. As an owner operated and managed company where most all employees are shareholders, service is our priority. Why? Because Customer service matters! We aspire to offer a high service alternative not available elsewhere in the industry.

Lone Star manufacturers gear driven single-stage turbo blowers with variable inlet and discharge guide vanes, gearless (high speed) turbo blowers, and vertically split multistage turbo blower technologies. No company offers so many solutions no matter the application.

Industries served include Water and Wastewater, Power, Petro-Chemical, Oil and Gas, Food and Beverage, Mining, and other industries using low pressure compressed air or gas in pressure or vacuum applications. Our aftermarket group provides repair services on most other major brand blowers besides our own.

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Andrew Balberg – President Lone Star Blower, Inc.