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Lamson, Gardner Denver, HSi, Atlas Copco, Howden, Siemens, HV-TURBO, Turblex Single Stage and Multistage Turbo Blower Field Service and Preventative Maintenance*

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Lone Star experience technicians can not only offer field service but complete preventative maintenance programs as well, including complete troubleshooting and repair capabilities of the entire blower system from the controls (PLC) to all actuators or sensors.

Lone Star manufacturers all parts for these blowers to allow fast and efficient services.

Our technician arrives with all tools and supplies to completely maintain your unit:

• Class 1 or Class 2 type services for integrally geared turbo blowers
• Annual or Semiannual services for multistage centrifugal blowers
• Vibration Analysis
• Power Quality Analyzer
• Laptop with Interface Software to Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC
• Laser Alignment
• Oil Sample and Analysis
• Complete lubrication changes with disposal

Check Lists May Include:

• Inspect for general condition of unit
• Identify any known issues from operators.
• Inspect and replace inlet filter if necessary
• Inspect and replace oil filter if necessary
• Check lube oil level, take sample and change as required
• Inspect inlet silencer
• Dismantle compressor air-end shroud
• Dismantle compressor air-end
• Inspect and clean variable vane system
• Check vane geometry
• Inspect and clean inlet guide vane system
• Inspect control arm of variable vane systems (inlet and or discharge)
• Check axial clearance between impeller and contour ring - adjust if required
• Remove gearbox inspection covers for visual observation of internal condition
• Check axial movement on high speed shaft
• Inspect ball bearings (if equipped): quoted if replacement is required
• Verify check valve operation
• Check coupling condition and do re-alignment and tightening torques of all bolts
• Inspect and tighten all mechanical and electrical connections
• Make start/stop of the blower to check running conditions
• Check for oil leaks
• Clean and test surge switch
• Verify all 4-20 mA current loops are operating properly
• Dismantle gearbox
• Inspect gearwheels, bearings, seals and check clearances
• Replace roller/ball bearings
• Replace slow shaft ball bearings
• Replace flexible seals (O-rings)
• Inspect electric motor, oil pump, oil cooler, coupling, and valves
• Check axial movement on high and low-speed shafts
• Prepare overhaul report for the blower
• Full Vibration Analysis of Blower and Motor prior to service to baseline unit.
• Full Vibration Analysis after service to verify satisfactory operation.
• Documentation and verification of oil gap for bearing tolerance and wear assessment.
• Verification check of all sensors reading accurate values or positional feedback to the PLC. (Verify readings on PLC and actual conditions). This includes all instruments, actuators, limit

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